“Give Me Just 10 Minutes A Day For The Next
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And I Promise You’ll Make More Sales!”

Do You Have What It
Takes To Complete The 21-Day
More Sales Challenge™?

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The Challenge Starts on August 1, 2021

(Pre-Challenge starts July 10, 2021)

Do You Have What It Takes

To Complete The 21-Day “More Sales” Challenge?

Dear Friend,
If you're struggling to make sales…
if you can’t hit your sales targets or quota...
if you lose control of the sales conversation or let prospects walk all over you…
if you’re getting rejected again and again and you almost want to give up on your sales career…

The “More Sales Challenge” is for you. 

The More Sales Challenge Starts on August 1, 2021

(Pre-Training starts July 21, 2021)

The 21-Day More Sales Challenge starts in...

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Here’s Why I Started The 21-Day 

“More Sales Challenge”...

Hi, my name is Dan Lok.
I’m known internationally as the King of Closing™
I earned that reputation by closing many millions of dollars in sales for my own business... and... by training tens of thousands of sales peoplefrom hundreds of different industries throughout the world.
In fact, so far I’ve trained over 10,000 sales professionals in 151 countries…
And have a combined 32 Billion+ dollars in sales attributed to my methods….

So When The Lockdowns Happened At The Start Of 2020… And My Clients Started To Struggle… The First Thing They Did Was Call Me For Help

Here’s what they told me...
We’re having trouble getting prospects on the phone 
We can’t get through to the decision makers
We can’t get people to show up for appointments 
Buyers are more cautious
Prospects are pushing us around
It’s hard to stay motivated after getting rejected 20 or 30 times a day
I don’t know if sales is for me anymore
Something Had To Change…

We Needed A Revolutionary New Way To Sell In Uncertain Times

So here’s what I did:

I surveyed my clients and dug deep into their businesses.

I looked at their marketing…their lead generation…their sales teams…

I broke down the complete sales cycle for each of my client’s companies from start to finish…

And then I implemented new ways to generate leads when more people are online and less people are at the office.

New ways to handle sales calls with hyper skeptical prospects.

New ways to close deals with uncertain decision makers.

New ways to respond to common objections like these:

“I need to think about it”...

“I’m not interested”

“Call me back in 6 months”

“I need to talk to my partner”...

“I don’t have the money”....

“Why should I buy from you when someone else sells it cheaper?”

PLUS innovative ways to respond to lockdown-specific objections like:

“I might not have a business in 30 days”

“I’m going to wait until the lockdown ends before I spend money”

“We’re going through a lot of company changes, call me back in 6 months”

...and dozens more

We Tested These New Ideas Relentlessly…

And here’s what we found:

We found faster ways to fill a sales pipeline with new sales opportunities… even though prospects were feeling uncertain...

Easier ways to open sales calls that lead to more booked appointments and closed deals…

The best questions to ask to get the information needed to present products and services in the most powerful way…

The Impact Of These Changes Was Dramatic...

Prospects that were hard to reach just months earlier started accepting appointments….

My clients started closing deals faster, with less resistance...

Their sales went back up to (and beyond) pre-lockdown levels…

It was a total breakthrough.

Just look at what my clients are saying about it:
I realized these tactics worked across all industries and products.

And that’s why I created...

“The 21-day More Sales Challenge”

So I can share these same crisis-proof secrets with you.

So if you’re sick and tired of rejection…

If you want to take control of the sales process so you can control your future…

If you want better ways to sell so you can land more appointments, clients and commissions... and do it more easily… no matter what happens in the economy

I'm going to give you everything you need to make more sales as we emerge from lockdowns and try to get back to normal.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join me in the

21-day “More Sales Challenge”

Here’s exactly what you get when you join me in the

21-day “More Sales Challenge”

More Sales Challenge 

Component #1

21 Days of Video Coaching to Help You Make More Sales
$1,000 value

Every day of the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” a new tactical 10 minute video will be unlocked with the critical new skills you need to increase your sales.

In fact, before the Challenge even begins you’ll get a series of pre-challenge training videos to help you with common sales problems you face every single day.

The Pre-challenge Videos Will Increase Your Sales Before The Challenge Even Begins!

You'll see:
  • Better ways to handle the common objections you face everyday...
  • Small changes to your language that can make a big difference when talking to prospects...
  • The exact questions that cut through the nonsense and get your prospects to open up and talk about their real problems...
  • And much more.
Then, When The 21 Day “More Sales Challenge” Begins, We Dive Into The Meat And Potatoes Of The Challenge With The 21 Days Of Video Coaching
Here’s a small sample of the sales multiplying concepts you’ll discover during the 21-days:

  • The steps you need to take now to get to the top of your industry if you’re just starting a sales career - plus how to get your mojo back if your skills have become stagnant.
  • How to stay motivated through tough times -- and how to make yourself immune to the ups and downs of the economy (just because the economy tanks doesn’t mean your sales have to drop).
  • What to do when you're not hitting your targets consistently -- and how to increase your income when the company has a cap on your earnings.
  • How to find time to prospect, demo, follow up and close effectively - and still have enough time and energy to do the things you love.
  • How to land meetings with bigshots -- without sucking up to their assistants.
  • What to do when you believe you have “good leads” but 95% your calls go to Voicemail.
  • How to get appointments with tough prospects and people who say “call me back in 3 months!”
  • How to land contracts with companies in over saturated markets - or with prospects who say “I don’t need or want what you’re selling”.
  • How to beat entrenched competitors -- even when they’ve been around longer and have a solid reputation.
  • How to eliminate bad prospects from your pipeline before they take up valuable space on your calendar and how to create more objection-less sales conversations that lead to easier sales.
  • How to make prospects want what you are selling, even when the product is plain or boring.
  • How to overcome all the common (and new) objections potential clients keep throwing at you (and how to handle them in ways prospects have not heard before).
  • And much, much more.

More Sales Challenge 

Component #2

A One-Page Digital Cheat Sheet For Every Sales Tactic I Deliver During the 21 Day “More Sales Challenge”
$200 value
There is a direct correlation between actions and results.

That’s why I’m including daily digital cheat sheets with the exact steps you need to take each day during the challenge to increase your sales immediately.

Think of this as a fast-action implementation guide.

Each one-page digital cheat sheet is like adding another tool to your toolbelt, so when you go into a sales situation you are armed with the exact tools you need to get more sales.

You can print these and stick them on your wall to review between sales calls.

More Sales Challenge 

Component #3

3 Live Q&A Sessions With My Top Sales Producers
$500 value
In each session you’ll hear first hand how to implement the skills you gain in the 21 day more sales challenge.

Plus, because these calls are live, you get to ask questions. And get immediate feedback. You can talk about the specific sales problems you are facing right now in your business or career.

My top closers will answer your questions and demonstrate (through role plays) the strategies covered during the 21 day challenge -- to put you on the fast track to more sales now.

More Sales Challenge 

Component #4

30 Days Of Interaction With Other “More Sales Challenge” Members To Motivate Each Other And Learn From Each Others Successes!
$100 value
This takes place in a private chat group. And is the place to share the insights and breakthroughs you are getting as you go through the 21 day “More Sales Challenge”.

I’ll look in on this group from time to time to see how you are going with the challenge.

Plus the group will be constantly monitored by members of my team.

I want to hear your feedback.

I want to see your wins.

Let me know your struggles, your highlights, and the obstacles you are overcoming as you go through the 21 day challenge.

You can read the insights and lessons other challenge members are learning and benefit from their experience.

More Sales Challenge 

Component #5

Live “More Sales Challenge” Graduation Event - To Celebrate Your Wins And Take Your Skills, Your Mindset, And Your Attitude To A New Level
$500 value
The 21- Day “More Sales Challenge” reaches its climax with a 2-hour live virtual event and recap of the core components of the 21 day “More Sales Challenge”.

We’ll finish the 21-day challenge with a BANG - because I don’t want the end of the challenge to be the end of your growth as a sales professional or business owner.

In the Graduation session you’ll meet live with me.

I’ll recap the core concepts we’ve discussed during the 21 days.

And introduce new wrinkles on everything covered so far…

...to take your skills, your mindset, and your attitude to a new level as you move forward in your business or sales career.
As you can see, I really am giving you everything you need to succeed
during the 21-day challenge.

Plus, When You Register Today You Also Get these Incredible Fast-Start Sales Boosting Bonuses 

Worth $1,949.00

Implement the ideas and strategies in these bonuses and you could start making more sales before the 21-day “More Sales Challenge” even begins!

Here’s what you get:

More Sales Bonus #1

Proven Closing Script Used By My Highest Performing Sales Superstars To Close More Sales

(works even on the toughest prospects and people who say “I’m not interested”)
$100 value
Imagine holding in your hand a private collection of my best qualifying questions, objection handlers, and closing lines so you can get more sales now?

These are the exact short-cut scripts I use to cut through the BS and close high ticket sales, often on the first phone call.

When I first introduced this to my team they thought all their Christmasses had come at once.

It’s pure selling gold.

You'll discover a script that can cut the time it takes to close deals in HALF.

You’ll see a much easier way to sell.

You'll finally know what to say in EVERY sales situation to gain control and lead the conversation where you want it to go.

More Sales Bonus #2

How To Close Intimidating Prospects - Even If You’re A Complete Newbie To Sales

(Plus ‘50 Must-have Questions To Ace Tough Calls’)
$100 value
In this 40 minute video presentation my top closer and head facilitator will take you behind the scenes of how we sell in my company.

He’ll walk you through the specific attitude you need... and... the EXACT questions to ask to close sales with high-status individuals.

Works especially well when talking to high level executives like business owners and CEOs.

After viewing the training you’ll NEVER feel intimidated again. In fact, you’ll look forward to speaking with high status people because you’ll know exactly what to say to get the sale.

If you’ve ever felt intimidated while talking to a prospect this is for you.

  • The exact questions to ask difficult prospects to uncover their problems and goals (works so well you'll have high status people opening up and telling you their deepest problems and pain points - problems even their colleagues don’t know about)…
  • How to get people to reveal their budget so you can tailor the solution to their financial capacity (without knowing their budget you’ll always be in the dark. Here’s how to uncover the budget and how to use it to close the sale).
  • How to figure out who the decision maker is… and how to get them eager to talk to you (how many deals have you lost because you couldn't get to the decision maker on the phone or in the room? Here's how to get the decision maker everytime and what to do if they won’t comply).
  • A ‘Cheatsheet” of the 50 Must-have questions to ace tough calls. (You'll want to stick this by your computer to refer to before, during and after sales calls).
  • Plus much, MUCH more - basically every question you should ask a high level executive or tough prospect  (but are probably too afraid to do so) to qualify them and close the deal.

More Sales Bonus #3

“Close Me If You Can”

Watch As 16 Of My Best Sales Proteges Go Head-to-Head In A 32 Round Gladiator Style Knock-Out Competition!

$400 value
Nothing trains you faster to become a top closer than seeing how other top closers handle objections and close prospects on their products or services.  

That’s why I’m taking you behind the scenes to see how my team closes deals.

Take These Techniques And Apply Them To Your Own Sales Career.

Watch as 16 members of my team draw straws and go head to head in this recorded gladiator style, 30-minute knock-out competition to see who's the best closer.

Each competitor uses the closing secrets you’ll learn during the 21-day “More Sales Challenge”.

Watch as the winner of each round advances to the next round to compete for the prized positions as Sales Gladiator….

This is a great way to learn killer lines you can use when you’re selling…. Plus you’ll see what works and what doesn’t so you can make adjustments to your own selling skills.

More Sales Bonus #4

My 5 Hidden Sales-Boosting Secrets Behind The 100 Million Copy Sold Best-Selling Book:
“Think And Grow Rich!”

$200 value
If Napoleon Hill's best selling book “Think and Grow Rich” can teach you anything about sales success it’s this:

Success Begins In The Mind!

Today “Think and Grow Rich” is credited with creating more millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history!

In this powerful presentation I break down the top 5 characteristics which I believe had the most impact on getting me where I am today.

These same 5 characteristics can put you on the fast-track to achieving everything YOU desire during the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” and beyond.

Here’s what I cover in this 90-minute, not-to-be-missed presentation:
  • Success Trait #1: How to break through walls and overcome any obstacle that stands between you and the results you want. Includes the real reason people struggle with money and the simple mental shift that gets you everything you want. Plus the one trait more potent than passion that unlocks the highest level of achievement in sales.
  • Success Trait #2: How to stand out from your competitors and become irreplaceable. There’s only one direct path to the top in any field - this is it!
  • Success Trait #3: How to make sure you hit your daily, weekly or yearly goals -- even when the wheels seem to fall off and everything turns to crap. The person who develops this one trait has the power to take total control of their life and results.
  • Success Trait #4: The exact key that unlocks the door to every change you want to make in your life. This can happen in an instant. If you want to rise to the top in sales you must adopt this powerful trait of all high achievers.
  • Success Trait #5: This makes all the other traits work at a much higher level. This is where you take small successes and 10 or 20X  your outcomes. With trait 5 you see the world from a new perspective and quickly go from where you are in sales to living the life you truly want. Has nothing to do with more action and everything to do with thinking in a smarter way than those around you.

More Sales Bonus #5

An Ex-Navy Seals Secrets For Leading A High Performace Sales Team

(Previously only available to members of a $25,000 a year mastermind group)
$1,000 value
Sales might not be war.

But leading a sales team can certainly feel like a battle.

And although losing an individual sale may not be life and death… losing too many sales means death financially.

So who better to lead you into battle during the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” than an ex-navy seal who commanded teams of highly-trained assassins against terrorists in the middle east?

In this bonus training you’ll discover secrets shared at a high level mastermind event business owners and sales professionals paid $25,000 a year to attend.

You’ll discover:
  • How to become a high functioning person so you can get to the top 2% of your organization or industry (this is the exact training you need when failure is NOT an option).
  • How to get your team to commit to doing whatever it takes to get results (even when one small slip up means certain death).
  • How, if you’re a lone wolf, you can build the level of discipline and follow-through you need to exceed your sales targets every single month (super-important when no-one is watching or holding you accountable).
  • The single key distinction that separates someone like Bill Gates or Richard Branson from a homeless person. (It’s not money. It’s not a special habit. It’s an 8-word sentence that makes it impossible to NOT succeed as a sales professional.)
  • Why your ability to leverage teams and tools will determine the speed of your success (plus what to do if you’re not good at building a team).
  • How to create rock solid purpose that drives you and your team to do your best work everyday (this is the secret to getting everyone on the team moving in the same direction, all gunning for the same goal).
  • Why the environment you create for yourself and your team is infinitely more important than skills when you’re striving to become a high performance sales person (and how to create a high performance environment that breeds champions).
  • The two core responsibilities of managers who support high performance sales teams (and how to masterfully execute each one - works even if you're a one-man band).
  • When to drop people from the team (it’s sooner than you think) and how to do it without feeling bad (do it this way and they will actually thank you for kicking them off the team).

More Sales Bonus #6

Real Life Success Stories From Salespeople Around The World Who used My Sales Secrets To 10X Their Sales

$100 value
Hearing the success stories of others is a powerful way to get motivated to reach your own goals during the 21 day “More Sales Challenge”.

In “Secrets to Their Success” you'll hear from 7 ordinary people who embraced this new way of selling and turned their misfortunes into life-changing success.

For example, you’ll hear from:
  • A struggling single Mom who embraced sales and started closing high ticket deals
  • An overworked Dad who went from working 9 to 5 in a job he despised to closing $1.5 million dollar contracts
  • A broke hypnotist that added a side hustle that rakes in huge commissions selling $10,000 packages for other businesses
  • A magician who lost his mojo then turned his life around and became a closing superstar
  • A truck driver barely making ends meet who now closes deals worth over $2.5 million dollars
  • Plus more
By now you should see I’m giving you everything you need to make more sales in the next 21 days…

There’s Nothing Like A Sales Challenge To Kick Your Sales Into Overdrive!

You’ve probably seen all kinds of challenges for getting in shape, losing weight, building a new habit….

So doesn't it make sense to do a 21 day challenge to make more sales?

After all, nothing will impact your life more than filling your pipeline with ready-to-buy prospects and closing more deals.
Just think, 21 days from now you could be paving your way to the top producer in your field or turning your business into the sales machine you know it can be…

Raking in the big commissions…

With a pipeline full of ready-to-buy leads...

And the confidence that you can create a consistent flow of new clients anytime you want.

How Much Would You Expect To Invest In A Sales Challenge That Can 

Completely Transform Your Sales Career?

Imagine if you could easily handle the most difficult prospects and objections with ease…

Imagine drastically decreasing your appointment “no-show” rate...

Imagine improving your closing ratio by double digits and landing an extra 3 or 4 sales every day, week, or month...

How much would that be worth to you?

Since this is the exact training I gave my internal sales team to increase our sales dramatically…

And since these same tactics added several thousands of new clients and customers to my client’s businesses over the past several months…

I could easily charge at least $1,000 or more for the “More Sales Challenge” without batting an eye-lid.


I Have An Ulterior Motive For Offering This Sales Challenge To You 

At This Exact Moment In Time

So I’m NOT going to charge anywhere near $1,000.

You see, I’m all about creating customers for life...

That’s why I’m doing the 21-Day “More Sales Challenge”...

I want you to use what I show you in the 21 day “More Sales challenge” to get an immediate boost in sales...

I want you to sell more easily than you ever have before…

I want you to feel more confident about your career and your future than you ever have before…

Because I know that when I help you achieve these things during the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” you’ll want to stay with me for a long time.

And that means I can help you get even better results as time goes on...

...just like many of my students who have been with me for a long time, like:
“20 Million Health Care Investment Deal closed today;
3% commission on 20 Mil. + 5K monthly retainer.”
—Fanna Kong
“1) I Closed: 49,994!! ; 2) As a team we hit 200% + of our goal in gross sales! ”
—Sonja Lawrence
“Boom… I closed 20K annual subscription deal for 5 years.”
—Abhishek Milind

Here’s A Summary Of Everything You Get In The 21-day “More Sales Challenge” 

  • 21 Days of Video Coaching ($1,000 value)
  • A One-Page Digital Cheat Sheet For All 21-Days  ($200 value)
  • 3 Live Q&A Sessions With My Top Sales Producers ($500 value)
  • 30 Days Access To The Private Members Group ($100 value)
  • Live 2-hour Graduation Session With Dan Lok ($500 value)

Plus these incredible bonuses:

  • Proven Closing Script ($100 Value)
  • Close Intimidating Prospects bundle ($100 Value)
  • “Close Me If You Can” Recorded Roleplays! ($400 Value)
  • 5 Hidden Sales Secrets in “Think And Grow Rich!” ($200 Value)
  • Ex-Navy Seal Commander’s Team Leadership Secrets ($1,000 Value)

Total Value Of The “More Sales Challenge” And All The Bonuses = $4,100.00

Yours For Just

Are You In?

Here’s the thing:

If you want to break records in your sales career and land clients at will, you must increase your sales skills - it’s the only way.

After all, if you keep doing things the way you’ve always done them... you’ll keep getting the results you’ve always got.

Your business won’t grow… and you'll never reach the level of sales and customers you need to get the life you want…

...and you’ll never create the impact you want to have on the world.

Instead you’ll end up grinding it out everyday of your life… getting results that are far less than what you're capable of...

While others with less smarts, less experience, less time in the game will fly right past you leaving you in their dust.


Complete The 21 Days More Sales Challenge And You’ll Never Be Without Clients

“Just got a client approved for funding (5k Deal closed. Booooom 💣)”
“Closed all 3 of my first clients on this new account!”

“11k revenue closed for commercial works, $4,500 SGD profit”

You’ll have the sales and the time freedom to do whatever you want, when you want, with whoever you want.

People will treat you differently.

They’ll respect you more.

Which means you’ll get your own way more often.

You’ll fill your pipeline with the best leads and land the biggest clients.

And you’ll have more time to do all the things you want to do in life.

Imagine that.

When you learn to get clients on demand you control your own destiny.

When you look at it like that, doesn’t it make sense to invest just $97 to get more sales in the next 21 days?

There’s simply no better way to increase your sales than with the 21 day “More Sales Challenge” and all the bonuses listed in this page.

Register for the challenge today.

Dan Lok
King Of Closing™
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